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This freeware software allows you to tidy,beautify or format your Pl/Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt.
In other words, it is a command line tool that gives you the freedom to build it in your programming environment. You can use it in your favorite editor easily.


Windows NT/2000/XP
Linux with Wine
(Probably it works on Windows 95 as well, untested)


-indents Pl/Sql depending on block level
-quantity of indent can be specified for each block level independently
-uppercase,lowercase or capitalized keywords/identifiers
-slightly compact code (removal of redundant space)
-very compact code (all padding spaces are removed e.g. around operations +-)
-formats lists in brackets
-aligns assigntments vertically
-simple syntax checking
-handles sqlplus scripts as well
-backs up original code and keeps old versions of code


On-line user manual can be read or downloaded here.
You can listen to this presentation about how to use it (Size:35Mbytes/ Length:15:58)


The self-installing file can be downloaded from:
pstisetup.exe (version 1.2). It contains documentation and the executables.

Online version

The formatter can be tried out on-line . It is fully compatible with the downloadable one.
Click here to try it.


Send your comment here.




Version 1.2(25.10.2008)

-smaller executable size
-no perl dependency
-better formatting of SqlPlus
-iacw,iaew switches instead of iaw
-backup works more reliably
-at least 20% faster
-identifier parsing is more accurate

Version 1.1.1(16.8.2007)

-fixed acav when there are multiple assignments in a line
-backup can handle/works for whitespaces in backup directory now
-faster backup for input files without path

Version 1.1(3.4.2007)

-improved -rs (preserves sql even for -clb+),
-fixed occasional bad indentation
-changed tabsize to 4
-added case keyword
-better handling of rem/prompt/remark
-standalone comments work as intended now
-fixed occasional bad indentation for first line
-fixed a list formatting error
-fixed a rare list positioning error
-lists may be indented even if -in-
-fixed -acav+, in some cases it did not work as intended.
-fixed -iic+
-a.* and like cases are not formatted as a. * any longer
-remove space after opening bracket -rsaob+ did not work   properly  with  -sao+
-sao and -ncb work better together now
-more intelligent -co+
-recognises case expression and case statement
-remove spaces after opening brackets formatting error when -clb- fixed

Version 1.0.13(25.8.2006)

-added keyword join

Version 1.0.12(3.8.2006)

-fixed new faster backup

Version 1.0.11(16.6.2006)

-added features:lowercase keywords,lowercase/uppercase/capitalised identifiers

Version 1.0.10(5.6.2006)
-faster backup,path is stored as well (it could slow the program down at least for seconds)

Version 1.0.9(27.2.2006)
-fixed occasional "perl58..dll" problem occuring with some Oracle installations (e.g 10)

Version 1.0.8 (3.4.2005)
-backup fix

Version 1.0.7 (2.23.2005)
-new switch -isc
-and bug fixes

Version 1.0.6 (2.11.2005)
-minor bug fix, chm help

Version 1.0.5 (2.8.2005)
-new switches -acav,-bdir

Version 1.0.4 (2.3.2005)
-many switches did not have effect

Version 1.0.3 (2.2.2005)
-now more keywords handled (-uk -ck)

Version 1.0.2 (1.30.2005)
-some bug fixes (resulting in bogus syntax errors)

Version 1.0.1 (1.14.2005)
-Accepts standard input/output as source and destination (-i stdin, -o stdout)
-Can use a range of lines of  the original input (-sl,-el)

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